Comfort Pet Products Flip Orthopedic Bolster Pet Bed, Large, Tan : An Affordable Necessity For Your Pet

A good bed can improve your posture and gives you a comfortable rest. A quality pet bed, in the similar way, protects the spine of your pet and offers him a snug resting period. If you are  looking for the right dog bed, specially to comfort the dear old pawed member of your family which has been lately suffering from troubles like arthritis, or hip dysplasia ,you can think of the Comfort Pet Products Flip Orthopedic Bolster Pet Bed, Large, Tan. This is indeed an excellent way to treat your old companion and make him feel your care.

Comfort Of A Hospital Is Now Available In Your Home

The product is made from the same quality egg crate mattress foam that is used in most of the hospital beds. Such covers give an additional support to your pet’s rear. This is especially recommended for the back injury patients. These durable foams help with air circulation and weight distribution. The dog bed does away with the pressure points to provide more comfort to your ailing pet.

Convenient For You And Your Pet

The product measures 42 inches by 30 inches by 7 inches and can accommodate pets weighing up to 120 pounds! So the pets, irrespective of their stature, can fit into it comfortably .They can also stretch themselves or curl with ease. Moreover, it is reversible and it can be machine washed. Hence you can clean the soiled dog bed without much hassle.


  • The dog bed looks good in your living room.
  • It retains the body heat of your pet.
  • The egg shell foam that lies inside the bed provides additional comfort for your pet.
  • It is reversible. Hence it helps to keep your pet cool in summer.
  • The cover can be detached from the bolster and it can be washed clean.
  • The raised edges of the product help your pet to rest his head snugly against while sleeping.
  • The sheep-skin material of the bed top is thick and durable.
  • The product comes cheaper than many of the orthopedic dog beds.
  • Ideal for the pets who have undergone orthopedically surgery, or have bad legs. It is also suitable for pets suffering from arthritis.
  • The large sized bed it suitable for the pets which are big in stature.

Customers’ Opinion

The consumers of Comfort Pet Products Flip Orthopedic Bolster Pet Bed, Large, Tan have given the product 4.3 out of 5 stars at Most of them have expressed that the dog bed is perfect for their pets at home. The domesticated felines and canines find it absolutely comfortable, especially ones with hip or joint problems. However, a few of the buyers felt that the foam could be thicker. If it was so, the pets which are getting old would have found it more comfortable. Also, some of the customers have pointed that sheep skin material of the bed is a bit hairy and it sheds a little in the initial days. Nonetheless they have also agreed that the product is quite economical and they render the value of money spent on it. The product, they say, is great for the large, ailing pets. 

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