Dog Beds For Small Dogs – Pick A Bed That’s Just Right!


While looking for dog beds for small dogs, make sure you look for beds that are the right size for your dog. A small dog might get lost in a bed meant for larger dogs. Plus, there is always a chance that the dog will not get the proper support in a bed meant for bigger dogs.

So here are a few pointers on looking up beds that are meant for smaller pedigrees.

1.    Round beds suit them great!

A small dog will love to curl up and snuggle to keep warm. The raised sides protect him from tumblingoff the bed. And given that you will want your dog to sleep near you at night, round beds are compact and take up little space beside your bed. When you give your little puppy or dog a space that is cozy and compact, you offer him protection and comfort.

2.    Heated beds are also welcome.

Small dogs do not retain as much body heat as bigger dogs. So it is important to keep them warm at night. The best way to accomplish this is to give your dog a bed that keeps him warm – heated beds are the best means of ensuring that even when it is chilly outside, your little companion can tuck in cozily in his bed.

3.    Snuggler beds comfort.

 Small dogs get a sense of security in small snuggler beds – the den like feeling helps them relax. Snuggler beds can be round pet beds with raised edges or a tunnel like bed for your little dog to burrow into and snuggle.They are warm and keep your dog safe and comfortable even when it is extremely cold outside.

4.    Memory foam beds protect and maintain shape.

Memory foam beds are thick and provide warmth to little dogs. They help the dog retain body heat and also help his body contour. These beds are also excellent means of ensuring your dog will not suffer from orthopedic issues.

5.    Bolster beds bolster the feeling of warmth and security.

Bolster beds are perfect for those dogs that love to sleep on the sofa or couch. The bed makes sure that the dog will not fall off in the middle of the night. It also keeps them warm and cozy.

These are the major types of beds that you can look up for your little canine pal. But you should also ensure:

  • The bed is easy to clean – because your pet might have ‘accidents’ that need taking care of.
  • The bed should be chew proof if you have a chewer at home.
  • The bed should also be skid-proof so that when the dog snuggles into his bed, it doesn’t skid and dislodge the dog.

And now for a few recommendations for you to look up:

  1. Slumber Pet Dimple Plush Nesting Bed
  2. Armarkat Round or Oval Shape Pet Cat Bed for Cats and Small Dogs

Now that you know about dog beds for small dogs…Pick the right bed for your little canine companion and your ‘best friend’ will surely thank you for it – in his own sweet loyal way.

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