Dog Gone Smart Bed – Canvas Donut Pet Bed: For Smart Pets!

Other than your love and attention the next best the best thing you can gift your pet is perhaps a good bed. A good bed is. Especially if the bed is soft and cushioned it could be a perfect heaven for your dogs to relax. You are dogs are going to love this Dog Gone Smart Bed – Canvas Donut Pet Bed. This is a high quality bed. It is nice and cushy and your dog will fit right in and still have a lot of space around to move. Once you purchase this wonderful bed, you will definitely be happy to see your pets contented!

Nice shape & comfy

The bed comes in a traditional donut shape. This allows your pet to curl up and nest peacefully. The bed is extremely soft and comfortable which will prove soothing for your pet. The cushion is filled with hypoallergenic, soft hollow-core slick fiber which automatically gets back to its original form and shape when your pet leaves the bed. The bed has an inner cushion and the sides are bolstered to offer a sense of security and enhance sound sleeping.

Sturdy & dirt-free

The bed is made of pure cotton. This material is highly resistant to heavy wear and tear. So, if your dog has a tendency to scratch you do not need to worry, since the fabric will remain undestroyed. It is also resistant to several wash cycles. This makes it exceptionally durable for a long life. Also, the bed with its Nanosphere fabric is exclusively designed to repel liquids, dirt, coat oils, odors and bacterial infections. Therefore it is completely safe and free from toxics for your pet to use as long as you want.

Easy to wash

The bed is specially engineered with the new nanotechnology, so it stays clean naturally most of the times! This ensures that you do not require washing it as often. However, if it does get too dirty, you can unzip the cover, remove the bolster inside and put it in the machine along with the tufted cushion to wash it, but with similar colors. The washing should be done on a gentle cycle with a little amount of detergent. After this, it should be tumble dried using the highest heat level. The bolster must be hand washed. As you can see, there isn’t much headache regarding cleaning, this makes it more preferable than other dog beds!


  •     The bed sports a traditional donut shape. Suitable for dogs who like to curl up and snuggle in.
  •     The material is 100% cotton. Thus, it provides a very soft and comfortable feeling to your dogs.
  •      Inner cushion and bolstered sides offers a sense of protection and encourage sound sleeping.
  •     The fabric is highly resistant to scratches, abrasion and other forms of destruction which make it extremely durable. The fabric also repels dirt, liquid, coat oils and bacterial infections. It is safe for your pets to use.
  •     It can support dogs up to 100 pounds.
  •     The cushion inside is hypoallergenic, soft hollow-core slick fiber fill which helps your dog to sleep soundly & bounces back to its full height when your pet leaves.
  •     The bed is easy to clean. The cover is removable for washing. The bolster inside is to be hand washed.

Customer Feedback & Ratings

This product is perfect for those active dogs and those especially which like to get dirty too often. The buyers who have bought this have been very impressed with its quality. This Dog Gone Smart Bed – Canvas Donut Pet Bed is truly a remarkable item! It has been rated 4.0 out of 5 stars. So do not hesitate buy your dogs this beautiful bed. There is no joy greater than to see your pets satisfied and happy! For other details like price and shipping you can visit

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