Get An Orthopedic Dog Bed To Soothe Your Dog’s Aching Joints


A dog with orthopedic problems can have a very tough time – lying down, getting out of bed, or even getting about its day. These problems could be varied – hip dysplasia, joint problems, arthritis or even sore muscles. These problems usually crop up once the dog is a little older, and by then the dog has most probably become a beloved family member. Needless to say, his or her pain is equally difficult for you to watch.

Here is some great news.

There is actually one non-invasive and non-medicinal way to bring a world of relief to your dog. And that is an orthopedic dog bed. In recent times, such orthopedic beds have managed to solve the problem for an estimated 31% of dog owners in the U.S. Why not join the ranks of those fortunate enough to make life easier for their old ailing dog?



So, let’s now look at …

How an orthopedic bed helps your dog

A normal mattress or bed actually contains multiple pressure points. When the dog lies down on such a bed, these pressure points have a detrimental effect on his spine, joints as well as blood circulation. The result, his orthopedic condition is worsened.

But with an orthopedic bed, these pressure points are eliminated. The most common orthopedic beds are made with memory foam – this material adjusts itself to the body contours and temperature of the dog – each time the dog lies down on it. The result is that each time the dog lies down on a memory foam orthopedic bed – he has his custom bed that has zero pressure points!

But before you buy blindly, here are…

A few considerations about orthopedic beds

Not just any memory foam bed will do. Keep these factors in mind:

  • The memory foam should be of a good quality – at least 4 pound quality. DO NOT BUY the 3 pound quality.
  • All other materials used should be good quality virgin material.
  • Ensure that there are no chemicals used in the bed – that could cause an allergic reaction in your dog.
  • Another good thing to ensure is that the memory foam mattress comes with a waterproof cover – this will protect the memory foam from getting ruined in case of accidental wetting – be it bodily fluids from the dog or water spilled on it.


In addition to these considerations, here are 3 recommendations from us:

  1. Brindle® 4" Solid Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed with Removable Waterproof Velour Cover, Medium 34" x 22"
  2. Large 46" X 32" Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Pet Bed

  3. Large Orthopedic Memory Foam Joint Relief Bolster Dog Bed – Toffee

An orthopedic dog bedmay be a little heavy on your pocket, but it will bring a lot of comfort to your canine best friend. In the light of that, the investment should hardly be a deterrent.


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