K&H Cool Bed 3 Cover Bolster Sheet- Treat for your Dog!

Dogs have a tough time during summer trying to keep their body at the right temperature. Remember to provide your dog with lots of fresh cool water, a sheltered corner to rest, and treat him to a cool bed.  Cool beds offer your dog cooling relief during those sultry summer days. However, buying a cool bed for your dog is not enough! You also need to zero in on the suitable accessories for it. The new K&H Cool Bed 3 Cover Bolster Sheet is the perfect accessory for your dog bed and one look at its features will assure you that this is the thing you were looking for!

A cool package!

This durable cover includes a soft, comfortable bolster and is cool and comfortable enough to be any dog’s favorite cool spot. It is ideal for both travel or use at home.

Comfortable make

The sheet is a perfect fit for Cool Bed III. It is constructed from an all-natural blend of linen and cotton fibers. The composite material optimises the cooling effect of the Cool Bed III. The lightweight sheet needs to washed by hand in cold water. It should not be washed in machine.


  • It is available in three sizes – large, medium and small.
  • It comes in two hot color options – cappuccino and sage.
  • Available in 3 colors and 3 sizes, this stylish dog bed accessory can blend with any decor.
  • The bolster comes with separate zippers.

Customer feedback

The new K&H Cool Bed 3 Cover Bolster Sheet has generated a lukewarm response. Some customers are more than pleased with the product. However, some have complained that the sheet shrinks post wash. Owing to these complaints, the product has notched up a modest 3.8 rating at Amazon.com. If you wish to order the product right away, check out its shipping details at Amazon.com.

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