LazyBonezz Metropolitan Pet Bunk-Bed: Fun Time for your Pets!

With the changing times a lot of modernism has been introduced in our lives to simplify our life and provide comfort. Then, why not for your pets? This LazyBonezz Metropolitan Pet Bunk-Bed is one such great innovation. Gone are the days when pets slept on hard mattresses and on the floor. If you are reluctant to allow your pet on your bed this new variety of pet-bed is the best choice you can make! Ideal for small city homes, this bed provides a royal service to your pets!

Ultra-mod design!

This for the most highly fashionable city pets who yearn for comfort in small city apartments! This bed features the best contemporary European design that surpasses all other pet bed available in the market. Four variety of distinct cushion designs are available they are- Ebony wood, Zebra and Silver-Grey covers Espresso wood, Giraffe and Sand covers White wood, Panther and Silver-Grey covers. The bed comes with any two of these interchangeable cushion covers. The bunk has a sturdy wood construction and sports a high gloss finish! You’ll be proud to have this stylish bunk that gives off a smart look and goes well with your modern apartment.

Fabulous Construction!

The bunk is incredibly easy to set up and you do not require to waste time over it! It comes with three set of stairs with textured surface which provides fun for your pets as they crawl up and down the stairs. You only require to tighten the two screws to attach the stairs and you are done! The framework of the bunk is of pure wood with stainless steel supports. Bottoms are coated to prevent damage in case you need to drag it across. Lazybonezz provides the super soft cushions made with two microfiber fabrics in it and signature plaque for high-end detail! Two different sets of cushion cover one solid and one animal print makes washing absolutely a breeze! Pads and covers are compatible with machine wash!


  • Highly stylish, smart looking bunk. Perfect for modern city apartments!
  • Super comfy with extremely soft cushion and memory foam to provide the ultimate comfort to your pets!
  • Easy setting up. Comes assembled together. Just two tightening screws required to be drilled in to attach the stairs!
  • Comes with two fashionable interchangeable covers that look good.
  • Sturdy stainless steel supports, coated bottoms to avoid damage due to scuffing, solid wooden bed frames.Capacity to hold 30 lbs of weight at each level.
  • Machine washable covers. 2 microfiber fabrics included.The cushions have a non-toxic finish so is safe for your pets. Along with that it is made plaque proof so you can stop worrying about the health of your pet.


Customer Feedback & Ratings

This bunk is a pure luxury that you will provide to your pets in your modern apartment. Customers using this are extremely pleased with its sturdy quality and sleek and stylish appearance. Once you buy this you are bound to fall in love with it. Your pets will have a lot of fun sleeping on those ultra soft cushions and also walking up and down the textured stairs and scratching on them! This LazyBonezz Metropolitan Pet Bunk-Bed is such a wonderful item that the buyers have rated it 4.5 out of 5 stars! So stop wasting time and go buy one for your pets and let them enjoy! 

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