Memory Foam Dog Bed: The Solution To Dog Orthopedic Problems

Memory foam was originally developed by NASA for their aircrafts. The specialty of this foam is the fact that it molds itself to the body of whoever is lying on it. This means that there are no pressure points and the circulation is not hampered. The same theory applies to any good quality memory foam dog bed as well.


With large or old dogs, orthopedic issues like hip dysplasia, arthritis or even joint problems tend to ail your dog. In such cases, a normal dog bed with pressure points would only worsen the condition further. In fact, if your dog has been sleeping on a normal blanket bed and is prone to such conditions, you will soon find that the dog has trouble getting up from bed. And also refuses to move around too much.

On the other hand, memory foam eliminates the pressure point problem completely.  Every time your dog lies down on one of these special beds, it becomes a custom bed for him. The moment he gets up, the bed would spring back to its original state. And therefore, if you have multiple dogs in the house, a memory foam bed would do pretty well since it moulds itself according to the shape of every individual dog.

However, there are a few things you should consider about memory foam beds for your dog:


  1. When you talk about a dog bed, you should always be prepared for emergencies – bodily fluids or water may soak into the foam and ruin it. Therefore, when you consider a bed to buy, you should always get one where the cover is waterproof and will protect the foam inside.
  2. Also, these foam beds come in 3 varieties – 3 pound, 4 pound and 5 pound. Of these 5 pound is the finest and is very expensive. But 3 pound is cheap and will lose its firmness much sooner than the other two. For the health of your dog, always get a bed with either 4 pound or 5 pound memory foam.
  3. Also, as with all beds and mattresses – ensure that the foam as well as the cover is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial treated. This will ensure your dog does not have allergy attacks just by lying on it.

Therefore, when you choose a memory foam bed for your dog, make sure you keep all these in mind. Any time a manufacturer uses the best stuff, they are most likely to display it on their packaging. But in case they haven’t, make sure you find out the details before you buy any bed for your dog.


To ease your memory foam dog bed selection dilemma right now, here are 3 recommendations that are good for your dog, and not heavy on your pocket:

  1. 55MP 55"X37"4" XXL Extra Large 100% Orthopedic Grade Full Memory Foam Pad Pet Bed for Big Dog with durable denim cover + Waterproof internal case
  2. Extra Large Therapeutic Waterproof Memory Foam Dog Pet Bed 40"x35"X4" with Durable Canvas Cover + Free Bonus Cover
  3. Orthopedic Grade Extra Large Brown Microsuede Waterproof Full Memory Foam Pad Dog Pet Bed 40 inches X 35 inches with 4 inches thick + Free Bonus Cover

So, find the perfect match for your dog and rely on memory foam. When your dog is feeling better, he will definitely want to thank you in his own way!

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