Midwest Quiet Time Pet Bed- A Cozy Choice!

Confused which kind of bed will suit your beloved pet dog? These days, markets are so full with varieties that it gets really hard to choose the perfect one. However, pet lovers would definitely look for that cozy, comfortable and soft bed for their pets. If this is your requirement then take a look at this Midwest Quiet Time Pet Bed. This is the perfect bed for your dogs especially if your pet frequently travels with you as they are great for using in carriers or crates. It will keep your pets cool in summer and warm and comforted in winters! It does not take up lot of space and will conveniently fit into Dog houses, Carriers, Crates, and Vehicles. This is a highly recommended bed that your pet will love!

Comfy feeling, Variety in colors

This bed is made with ultra-soft synthetic sheepskin with cushioned cotton base that renders a softness that feels heavenly and your furry friend is going to like it a lot. This bed can support pets up to 71 to 90 pounds. So you need not worry if your dog is a bit too large and heavy, he will fit into it without trouble. The color of the bed is such that you will not notice any shedding. The color and fabric of the bed comes in varied types- Fleece, Cinnamon Plush Fur and Gray Plush Fur. The cushion also comes in seven different sizes and you can choose the one which best suits your dog.

Excellent fabric, Easy maintenance

The bed does not require assembling and is super-easy to set up. The fabric is stain resistant and thus you’ll be delighted to find your pet’s bed always looking clean. The cushion is lined with comfortable polyester filled bolsters which add to its luxury and comfort. The bed is easy to clean and maintain. The fabric is easy to wash and is machine-washable; and you need not worry about the internal material getting bunched up as it is machine tested with over 100 washes.


  • Extremely cozy and soft with ultra-soft synthetic sheepskin & cushioned base to provide a comfy feeling.
  • A polyester filled bolsters add to the comfort and also allows your dogs to hang their paws over or head their heads on the side.
  • The bed is ideal for dogs weighing within71 to 90 pounds.
  • The bed color is such that it camouflages shedding of fur. 3 other colors & fabrics are available for you to choose from as you desire.
  • The fabric is stain resistant to make it look clean and tidy.
  • The fabric is exclusively made to provide warmth in winter & cool feeling in summers.
  • The fabric is machine washable for easy maintenance.


Customer Feedback & Ratings

This luxurious and soft bed is way better than most beds which are available in the market. Customers who have bought this bed have added that the bed hasn’t shown any signs of wear and tear for over a long time. This Midwest Quiet Time Pet Bed has been rated 4.2 out of 5 stars by the customers at amazon.com because of the outstanding service it offers. This will definitely be a satisfactory purchase. Buy one right away and gift your dog this wonderful cozy resting cushion! You can look into other details like price offers and shipping info on Amazon.com.

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