Petmate Durabed Elevated Pet Bed Extra-Large, Black: Provides The Comfort Your Pet

The pawed member of your family is no less dear than the child you have at home. Is it not? The bonding you share with your pet at home is inexplicably beautiful. You know how your pet helps you to reduce stress and acts as your best companion. It is no wonder that you want to gift him the best comforts that your money can buy. If you do feel that a pet bed is a worthy gift for the dear thing, you can consider Petmate Durabed Elevated Pet Bed Extra-Large, Black for the purpose.

Keeps  Your Pet Up, Warm and Comfortable

The extra large bed makes your pet to move or curl freely around the pet cot. Also, the side walls of the bed are high .So your pet would find it a fun to cuddle against it.  The bed is approximately 6 to 7 inches high from the ground level.  It helps your pet to keep off the floor. Thus it protects your pet from the harsh weather conditions.  The padded surface of the bed provides the right, straight platform to protect the animals’ spines.

Durable And Easy To Clean

The product is made from metal tubes and has a tough nylon fabric cover. Hence the cover does not lose its shape easily, which is common to many of the conventional pillow-type dog beds.  The cover is washable by machine. The everyday soils can be wiped clean. This avoids the dog bed from getting wet and smelly.


  • This extra large bed measures 42 by 34 by 12 inches.
  • This frame-bed is rectangular in shape which actually saves much space. So you can keep it at any convenient place.
  • The bed is very easy to install. All essential hardware and tools are included with the product.
  • It has a capacity to hold up to 30 and 70 pounds.
  • The dog bed is approximately 6 to 7 inches off the ground. T his protects your pet against the heated ground in summer as well as from the chilly winds in winter.
  • The 16 inches gauge steel frame and the nylon top cover of the product offer durability to the product.
  • The soil on the bed can be wiped clean.  Even the cover of the wheel is washable by machine.

Consumers’ Opinion

The buyers of Petmate Durabed Elevated Pet Bed Extra-Large, Black have given the product an overall rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars at  However, a majority of them have testified their satisfaction with the performance of the product by awarding it 5 stars / 4 stars. Those who are not fully satisfied with the product have pointed that though the dog bed is easy to install and it is super sturdy, they have found some problem with the screws of the bed. However, such minor shortcomings can definitely be taken care of. Most of the customers have opined that the product is perfect for their small pets. The features come exactly in the way they are advertised.

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