PetSafe Universal Pet Bed Warmer- Keeps the cold away!

With the aid of the new PetSafe Universal Pet Bed Warmer, turn any dog bed into a gently heated haven of comfort.  This can be an ideal option if you do not want to invest in a new bed.  This little bed warming pad can be inserted easily into your pet’s bed, and allow your pets to enjoy a soothing feeling for hours. Your pets are going to love you for this!

Easy usage, controlled heat, medical relief

No extra assembly or fitting is required to insert it into your pet’s bed. You only need to slide it into your pet’s bed and it will heat the bed up to your pet’s natural body temperature. This bed warmer provides low voltage therapeutic heat. This makes it safe for your pet to use it for hours at a stretch. It uses the same amount of energy as a night light. This bed warmer can prove to be a great medical aid for your pet if  he is suffering from aching joints or carrying a fracture. This will be a real relief to the pain in those cold winters.

Excellent material, extra comfort & warmth

This bed warmer features a water resistant vinyl cover which will keep water from penetrating the bed. Its sealed bottom provides safety. Padded layer provides warmth along with the Pro Flex safety layer that offers additional comfort. The upper cover is washable for easy cleaning. The bed warmer is provided with a quick connector which warms the bed with the help of electrical power. The connector is made of double insulated chew resistant material to avoid serious accidents.


  • Assembly is not required.
  • Low voltage controlled heat maintains safety heat level.
  • The therapeutic heat offered by this bed warmer proves to be a medical relief to pains of fractures and aching joints in cold winters.
  • The bed warmer comes with a water resistant vinyl cover to keep the bed dry and fit for use.
  • Sealed bottom provides extra security.
  • Upper cover is made washable for easy cleaning.

Customer Feedback & Ratings

Customers who bought this bed for their pets have stated that their pets have loved it and refuse to leave their beds! The fact that it provides continuous warmth for their pets have made the customers extremely happy. This PetSafe Universal Pet Bed Warmer has turned out to be the best option for pet lovers . Owing to its flawless service, it has turned out to be a great hit with the pet owners. It has been rated 4.1 out of  5 stars at by the consumers. If you have decided to buy this wonderful bed, make sure you go through the best price deals and the shipping details on

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