Serta True Response Orthopedic Pet Bed: Pamper Your Pet!

If your pet is tired of sleeping on sagging beds and hard mattresses, they will love using this extraordinary foam bed! Manufactured with excellent quality fabric this is sure to provide great comfort to your pets. Now you can be at peace that your pet can rest well and sleep soundly! The Serta True Response Orthopedic Pet Bed is a true delight and a must buy for any pet-lover!

Well designed & Superior quality!

The bed is fabulously designed and its color will suit with the décor of most homes. The bed contains a waterproof layer inside so that the actual foam layer doesn’t get soggy and uncomfortable when wet. It comes with a zippered cover so you can wash it properly without any trouble! The light hue of the cover lets you check if there are any germs or insects breeding on it which could be harmful for your pet. The foam that it is made of is extremely strong and thick followed by support foam on top to make it a little softer and prevent flattening of the mattress. This helps to support the weight of your pets properly! The resultant feeling is almost like that of human beds and your pets will truly enjoy!

Smart temperature regulation fabric!

This bed controls temperature better than other pet beds in the market. The fabric variety used in the bed is scientifically tailor-made to adjust temperature in accordance with the room temperature. You will find that it is slightly cooler than the room temperature which will provide great relief to your dogs with or without dense furs on a hot summer day! The opposite will happen in winter. This technology also has therapeutic qualities! If your pet is suffering from stiffness of bones or has undergone fracture sleeping on this bed will alleviate that problem for sure! This fabric is highly durable to last years!


  • High quality memory foam along with support foam to provide ultimate comfort to your dog, reduce pressure points and provide complete body support. Your pet will have a sound sleep.
  • Smart scientifically tailored fabric to regulate temperature based on the surrounding room temperature. Provides relief in hot summers and cold winters.Waterproof bed protector absorbs pet sweats, reduces bad fumes. This also prevents breeding of germs and maintains a healthy environment!
  • Zippered cover suitable for machine washing. Cleaning requires simple wash and dry techniques -cold wash, line drying. And that is enough to make it spot free!

Customer Feedback & Ratings

The new Serta True Response Orthopedic Pet Bed is an excellent product that will provide your pets the best comfort and also take care of their orthopedic issues. Several customers who bought this item agree to this and have generously given it 4.7 out of 5 stars. This proves how helpful the product has been! There are hardly any complaints except for one that it does not come with a replacement cover. However, this should not be a big issue as machine washing cleans it thoroughly. So stop worrying about your pet’s comfort and go get one! You will get all the features with it as Serta promises and you won’t be disappointed! For additional info on this product look up in Amazon and you will be assured of its quality!

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