The Perfect Dog Bed For The Toughest ‘Chewer’!


Has your dog just finished chewing through his new bed—again? It does become a problem if you are forced to replace your dog’s bed continually because of his chewing habits. What you need is a bed specially made dogs such as yours – beds that will last a lifetime simply because it is specially manufactured. What you and your dog need is the K9 Ballistics Original TUFF Bed

Why will this bed be perfect for your dog?

This bed comes from manufacturers who have already realized the secret behind creating beds that last a long time. Give the tough dog a bed tougher than him, and sooner or later – he is bound to give in.

With this in mind, the manufacturers at K9 Ballistics have manufactured a bed for dogs that has the following plus points.

Chew proof!

The dog beds are made from a specialized blend of ballistic fibers that are:


  • Very durable
  • Double woven

Hence, the bed is made of the toughest possible material so that even the dog with the sharpest teeth will not be able to bring much harm to the bed. The manufacturers have also figured out the weak spots in regular dog beds and have done their best to eliminate all these issues.

  • The zippers in regular beds have been replaced with industrial strength Velcro closures hidden underneath the bed.
  • The corners have been reinforced with extra ballistic material for durability.
  • The seams of the bed are double stitched and tear proof.

All in all, this bed is tear proof and chew proof so that the toughest of dogs will have a hard time ripping off this bed.
But that’s not all…

Extremely easy to maintain!

The bed is durable and meant to last a long time. Naturally, it has to be easy to clean and maintain, else you can’t possibly let your dog use this throughout his life. And the bed is meant for your dog’s comfort; hence it has to be comfortable.


  • The bed comes with a durable outer cover and an inner cushion that is strong and made of a breathable material.
  • The inner cushion is of a tight weave which means that the bed will not turn lumpy with use. And it adds to the comfort level.
  • The bed is water, dirt, hair and odor resistant.
  • The outer cover though water-proof, can be washed and dried in the washing machine.
  • The bed can be used both indoors and outdoors and is perfect for dogs of all sizes.

But, wait…there’s more!

Additional features of the K9 Ballistics Original TUFF Bed include:

  • Comes in three different sizes for all types of dogs.
  • Made of mattress that ‘breathes’.
  • Thick and luxurious padding.
  • Can accommodate more than one dog.

Customers speak:

It is no wonder that this chew resistant bed has won accolades from all corners. Out of the 74 buyers who left customer reviews at Amazon, 56 gave this bed a perfect score. Overall, this bed has bagged 4.4 out of 5 stars at Amazon…and now it is your turn to treat your dog to the K9 Ballistics Original TUFF Bed!


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