The Ultimate Dog Bed For The Health Of Your Dog’s Spine

It is said that your dog is your best friend and most constant companion. Just as he gives you the comfort of company, you should also try and keep him as comfortable as possible, don’t you think? However, this isn’t always easy, especially for a dog with orthopedic issues. Even as you watch them having trouble with stiff painful bones, you seem to have little to do. But wait – is that really so? With the jumbo sized special orthopedic bed that we are about to introduce to you, not only will your dog’s condition actually improve – it also prevents further bone or spine problem!

Introducing the Extra Large Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed – 40" X 35" X 4" 100% Made in USA- Best XL Luxury Large Breed, Washable Pet Bed You Can Buy | 4 LB Memory Foam – Puppy Bed Too – Introductory Price!

Here’s why we recommend it so strongly:

Orthopedic design ensures dog’s bone health




The pillow/bed comes with superior quality, hypoallergenic foam. This ensures that your dog will not get an allergy – but it also makes sure that when your dog lies on it, his spine is kept straight. As you already know, beds that get depressed in parts cause the spine to curve when sleeping. In the long run, this can cause damage to the spine and discomfort to the dog. But that is hardly going to be a problem with this combination of 2 inches of 4 pound foam and a further 2 inches of high density support base!  Remember, the design has been developed with over 20 years of experience in therapeutic mattress – and you can be sure it fulfils its orthopedic promise!

The pillow foam is protected by a waterproof cover




The other big plus about this bed is that the foam is covered by a layer of heavy-duty waterproof lining. This ensures that any liquids that fall on the bed do not soak through and ruin the foam. So whether you accidentally spilled liquid or your dog drools – or even if your dog has incontinence – the bed is prepped for all such emergencies!

And now for all the other reasons this is just the dog bed you need to get for your canine best friend!


  • This bed is covered by a 3 year long warranty from the manufacturers, any small issue you have with the bed – just get in touch with them!
  • Your dog’s sense of smell will make it an uncomfortable bed for him if there’s even a slight toxic smell to the materials. But that has been considered by the manufacturers and the entire bed is completely non-toxic.
  • The eco-memory foam used is manufactured in a green facility and is eco-friendly!
  • The entire bed is covered by a zippered denim cover. Not only does it add a classic touch to the bed – it may also discourage dogs from chewing through it! Also this cover is completely washable and holds up pretty well even in a washing machine.
  • These manufacturers also make normal mattresses, and they put in the same level of attention to detail and comfort even when they are making dog mattresses.
  • It is an XL sized bed – so it should suffice for pretty big dogs as well.
  • The seller is a reliable one – and you will get your dog bed well on time!

So, your dog may need a bit of getting used to the Extra Large Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed – 40" X 35" X 4" 100% Made in USA- Best XL Luxury Large Breed, Washable Pet Bed You Can Buy | 4 LB Memory Foam – Puppy Bed Too – Introductory Price, because the waterproof layer makes a strange noise when your dog gets on it. But just a bit of encouraging will mean that pretty soon your dog will pretty well take to it! And we’re not the only ones saying that – the customers who’ve bought this have to say just that. And that is quite evident from the 4.6 stars that this dog bed gets over at Amazon.

So, willing to get your dog the best in nap-time comfort – go and check out the ordering details at Amazon!


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