What To Look For In Dog Beds For Large Dogs!


It is a great thing that you are looking up dog beds for large dogs and not using the couch or the floor to serve as your dog’s sleeping space. Large dogs, like small dogs, have some specific needs when it comes to sleeping arrangements.

So here’s taking you through the needs of a large dog.

What to look for in a bed for a large dog?

  • It should meet the dog’s size: a large dog will need more space to lie down and relax. Getting him to cram into a small space can actually have adverse effects on his skeletal system in the long run. So make sure the bed is large enough for the dog. Ideally, to ensure you get the correct size, measure your dog and calculate how big he will get eventually (which will depend on his breed).

  •  It should be spacious: even a large dog will cuddle and snuggle in his bed. And then there will be times when he will want to stretch to his full length – and for that he will require his bed to be spacious. A large bed with raised edges will ensure that the dog doesn’t roll off the bed while stretching in his sleep. So the size of the bed should also be determined by the dog’s sleeping habits.
  • The foam should be firm: large dogs are often afflicted with various orthopedic issues like hip dysplasia and arthritis. That is why the foam in the bed should be firm and support the contours of his body. He should have a firm bed which will support his back and spine…and the foam should not turn lumpy with use – that will be counterproductive.


Plus, there are some practical considerations for you as the owner:

  • The bed should be easy to clean – the dog is bound to have some ‘accidents’ and bodily fluids might seep into the cover. So make sure the cover is waterproof and machine washable.

  • The bed should also be skid-proof, especially if you have more than one energetic dog sharing a bed.
  • If your dog is a ‘chewer’, you will need a bed that is chew-proof, or you might have to replace the bed all too often.


And here a few recommendations for you to try:

  1. Animal Planet Memory Foam Sherpa Pet Bed, Large
  2. K&H Bolster Couch Pet Bed
  3. Petmate Microban Pet Bed Petmate Deluxe Pillow Bed with Microban, Gusseted Red/Gold Striped Chenille, 27-inch X 36-inch

Now that you have a fair idea on what to look for while choosing dog beds for large dogs, make sure you make the best buy. It is the least you can do for your loyal canine companion…after all, his health and rest is your responsibility.

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